Masthead - line only
John van der Woude BFA '06
My work focuses on creating series of images that all have a common thread running through them. Using the Bechers’ typographical style, I explore an "abstract typology"—a typology of power. As the Bechers used typologies of physical objects to explore and better understand their subject matter, so I am using this style to better understand how power works in today’s contemporary society, especially from an architectural standpoint: in houses of powerful people, in airports, or in public places for example. In short, understanding ‘power’ and the perceptions we have about it can only increase our understanding of our own society, of the role power plays in our current sociopolitical landscape, and how our own perceptions of power skew how we relate to ourselves and others.


Place St-Henri Metro Station (Montreal), from the series Benched, 2009

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, USA
, from the series Airports, 2007

Home of the Hon. Rodney MacDonald (Premier of Nova Scotia, 2006-2009) from the series Power Houses: Canada's First Ministers, 2006