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Joy Pennick BFA ‘91
I create jewellery that is designed to be worn!  As a jeweller, I find inspiration for my designs from the forms and patterns observed from the natural world. I simplify and refine what I see to find my line, shape and  pattern.

As a metalsmith, I can manipulate the metal, a very pliable material, to create soft, sensual forms and rich surface textures. This brings a sense of warmth and depth to my jewellery.

For me, jewellery is a most intimate art form. There is an inherent connection between the maker and the wearer. For this reason, it is important that my jewellery is designed to be worn, used and appreciated. JOY Jewellery is distinctive, unconventional, sensual and organic. I strive to create pieces that are ornamental yet accessible. Jewellery designed to compliment and empower those who wear it!