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Julie Lapalme BFA ‘95

My work over the last ten years has been Web-based with a multidisciplinary approach, merging writing, sculpture, photography, animation and design. I tend to work on projects in an explorative manner, as trial and error is a vital part of my creative process. The subject emerges through time.

My latest work-in-progress, Tongue Rug : Tapis à langues, touches upon themes like language, place and memory. The project is structured around the traditional tongue rug found in Québec and in Sweden. Similar to a patchwork rug, it is composed of overlapping felt tongues, often embroidered with symbolic icons. This virtual sladdakavring acts both as archive and writing machine. Its final shape is unpredictable. It will grow piecemeal as a fluid structure, mutable, subject to randomness, time and the public's participation.

I am in the process of working on the Tongue rug (blog) and Path Map, which documents my cycling trips to each waypoint—lake, river, stream and body of water with my genealogical/geographical placenames. I can imagine an archive documenting my state of 'being lost'. Will new technologies like the GPS necessarily make my path more certain? Already the few paths I have drawn reflect the 're-routes', the 'circling-back' and the 'dead-end'. Loosened from the map, they become drawings, embroidery, threads loosened by time.

Below: Tongue: Lac-à-l'Épaule, Substitute for Tongues LA-5 and LE-4, (Tongue Rug Project), YouTube video, 2009


Tongue Rug & Path Map, version 01.24.2010 (Tongue Rug Project), Blog still, 2010


Google Sladdakavring, version 10.31.2009 (Tongue Rug Project), Blog still, 2009