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Katherine Knight BFA '80
My work is about landscape but it’s also about personal experiences of time and place. Water: ( ) is from, I became unconscious, a body of work derived from the story of a boat crash in 1893 and Hurricane Hazel in 1954. How do these events relate to photographs of water and punctuation? I want to create an imaginative space that tugs on the associative power of our imagination. I hope my photographs touch people, triggering personal responses.

In the last three years I have begun to make films. In 2006 I established Site Media Inc with NSCAD graduate David Craig BFA '77, to create portraits of creative people in relation to landscape. I have produced a television half hour about Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook. Pretend Not To See Me, my portrait of performance artist Colette Urban BFA ’80 premiered at the St. John’s International Film Festival, October 2009.

Right now I am thinking about an archive of Victorian needlepoint that was I given access to document. My task is to link these evocative objects to the house and site where they were displayed for many years. It’s a project about what it means to collect!


Water: ( ), 1995

Single Bubble
, 1998

One Splash, 2001