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Kathryn Reith Blake BFA '77
I am encouraged by the notion that it is possible to make something entirely from scratch, and that this  pursuit would lead to myriad possibilities, in discovery and application, for original work. I was a painter who came to NSCAD to study printmaking, which I came to love for the possibilities. I encountered the notion of  making paper  in a NSCAD workshop; this arduous medium offered the mysteries I sought. Experimenting with paper fiber and developing techniques became an engrossing decades-long  pursuit. My own works are dubbed “image papers”; I paint with the fiber as substrate and medium.  I have had the happiness of collaborating with a few special printmakers and of teaching this medium to others. Due to physical constraints, I am painting in oils again, with improved vision.


Fish Flake
, October 27, 2009. Paper construction/installation
(Puffin Gallery at Privateer’s Wharf, Halifax  7’ x 9’ x 4’ to 3’

Blake-The Eternities

The Eternities
, 2009. Oil painting, 24” x 24”


WEEDS (Ariel’s Song)
, 2009. Oil painting, 24” x 36”