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Katie Belcher '07

Katie Belcher is a visual artist and curator living in Halifax, Canada. Since receiving her BFA from NSCAD (2007), Belcher has exhibited nationally—ARTsPLACE (2007, 2010); Vernon Public Art Gallery, Gallery Vertigo (2010); Craig Gallery (2011); Line Gallery (2012). Her drawings are held in private and public collections. She has participated in artist's residencies in Nova Scotia and internationally, and was most recently granted a Canada Council for the Arts studio at Cité internationale des arts (France). She works as the Program Coordinator at MSVU Art Gallery, where she has curated four exhibitions: Somewhere along the line (2009); Beneath the Surface (2010); Dirt, Detritus and Vermin (2011); and Soft (2012).
Katie Belcher’s drawings, on paper and on the wall, are centrally composed, densely modelled, and make significant use of erasure. Animated by tonal variations and marks beyond their outer contours, the previously static subjects appear to be emerging from or dissolving into the drawing’s ground. Using her own experience, museum archives, found objects and architectures as a starting point, she exploits the image's function as a mnemonic resource for herself and other viewers. Her drawings examine how we record and remember experiences, and what we lose with time and progress.


Belcher500Port Royal goose 2011 (photo: Steve Farmer)
charcoal, pencil and eraser on rag paper
96.5 x 127 cm

Belcher228-1Farm collapsing (detail) 2012 (photo: Steve Farmer)
charcoal, pencil and eraser on paper
70 x 100 cm

belcher228-2Feather study 2012 (photo: Steve Farmer)
charcoal, pencil and eraser on mylar
100 x 63 cm