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Ken Housego, BFA '74

As a child, making things and envisioning ideas was always an intense part of my life. The highlight of my summer holidays was making “stuff” in my grandfather’s boathouse. It was the center of my universe; I spent many happy hours, during my childhood and teenage years, pursuing creative activities.

Places, Circumstances and Dreams are very important aspects of my art. Images involving location, geography and architectural structures are not depicted as representations of specific sites, but rather as symbolic memories, feelings and understandings. Responding to my environment, I center myself in a specific space and time. Personal circumstances or events are connected to every location sometimes visible, sometimes invisible.

Wood is the common denominator that can be found in all of my work, while mixed media and collage provides exciting new material combinations.

As an artist, I am exploring my own creative vernacular to develop and widen my personal aesthetic. I am informed by the academics of fine art and inspired by naïve imagery. The creative process connects me and anchor’s my life.

My art contains the embers of a personal landscape, which I leave behind for others to discover. 

Housego 1

Floatsum and Jettson

Housego 1


Housego 3

Detail, Island