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Lara Martina BFA ’87, BA ‘89
My artwork began with exposure to three Newfoundland traditions: knitting, storytelling, and architectural symmetry as I accompanied my mother at an early age, around our outport village where she recorded story and song. These forays took us into traditional wooden saltboxes, their kitchens, carding parties within where storytelling often through the medium of song took place. In a manner of speaking, I became intwined with word, wool and wood.

My earliest attempts at creating art were illustrative drawings of these stories and one of a kind knit wear pieces, hand printed with symbols found on those wooden saltboxes. I saw knitted cloth as a support with movement that structured canvas did not have.

This evolved into using unstretched canvas treated as a textile, sometimes fringing the edges, hung like a traditional fabric piece, upon which I painted, printed, collaged, montaged, and wrote.

Eventually, I started painting on board, wood and canvas, using scrafito techniques to imbed text into wet glaze.Later, I digitally manipulate my work to create images that reflect the traditions of repetition, borders,color, and symmetry.


Les Graviers, 2007

Notre Dame du Cap, 2007

Self Portrait: Looking East & West, 2007