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Laura Bucci BFA '92
I have strayed very far from my photography studies at NSCAD. But although my work today involves working with textiles with a commercial end in mind, I know my fine art training informs the objects I create. Form, function, and aesthetics are key concerns in my designs. I favour an uncluttered visual style that aims to add beauty to everyday objects.

Photography and images are slowly creeping back into my work but now within the textile context. Thanks to new skills in screen-printing and advances in fabric production, designing my own fabric is a natural avenue of exploration. The handmade movement combined with the ease of online sharing has also offered up access to incredible indie textile designers whose fabric sometimes adorns my work.

I am currently working on fabric designs that bring together vintage images and language acquisition exercises—a field where I acquired some experience while teaching English as a second language. The fabric will be used to make functional everyday objects with the intention of providing language practice as well as offering a conversational piece amongst friends.

Cup cozy featuring a vintage image and an English/French exercise, fabric design by Laura
Bucci, 2009
Knitted and partially felted wool and linen pouch, 2009
Natural linen pouch with hand screen-printed fabric by UK artist Lucie Summers, 2009