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Laurie Swim BFA ‘72
Laurie Swim grew up in Lockeport, Nova Scotia where her family have resided for many generations. After graduating from NSCAD in 1972, she studied weaving in Denmark. In 1975, she made the decision to work with fabric and thread as her medium.

In the mid 90s she began initiating community-built quilts with volunteers, monumental works that speak to social activism and historical record. Laurie’s work can be found in the permanent collections of the Museum of Arts and Design (New York), the Nova Scotia Art Bank, the City of Toronto, and others.  In 2003 the Ontario Arts Council awarded her a Chalmers Arts Fellowship; in 2007 she was the recipient of a Canada Council grant for Contemporary Fine Craft; and in 2008 Nova Scotia recognized Laurie’s body of work with an Established Artist award.

She lives with her husband, publisher Larry Goldstein, in Blue Rocks, NS.  In her Lunenburg studio she has been creating series of works based on her surroundings and its history. She is the author of three books, The Joy of Quilting with an Introduction by Alex Colville, 1984; Quilting, 1991; and Rags to Riches: The Quilt as Art, with an introduction by Mary Pratt, 2007.  

She is represented by del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, Amicus Gallery in Chester, NS, and Zwicker’s Gallery in Halifax.

Swin-Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground, the Hogg's Hollow Disaster, 1960, 2000. 7 x 20'
This is a community-built work that will be installed in the York Mills subway station in Toronto on March 17, 2010; the 50th anniversary of the sad event it commemorates.
Swim-Open House

Open House, 2009. 34 x 34”
First from the series Land, Sea and Memory which will be shown as a solo show at the Mary E. Black Gallery, Halifax, in July 2010.
Swim-At the End of the Day

At the End of the Day, 2002. 48 x 54”
From the series Back Yard, 1997-2007.