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Lorraine Field BFA '97, MA '04
For more than ten years my artistic investigations have been concerned only with the photographic image. I have been interested in how landscape imagery can provide a platform to consider different concerns, like memory, loss, and the transitory nature of human existence.

With the creation of the series Illuminated Petragraphs I used the projection of ceramics in the Canadian landscape to function as a vehicle to consider immigration patterns and the ways domestic artefacts contribute to building a sense of home for the immigrants who have come to Canada.

In the series Body/Field I explored how the moving human figure could express something about the impermanence of human existence against the depth of history that is evident in the landscape of countries around the Eastern end of the Mediterranean.

In a recent series Call and Response, the landscapes of Texas and Syria, as well as landscapes from Europe and other Middle Eastern countries, were used to create a personal reflection on the effects of oil production.

I am currently exploring the creation of animations which can combine the pleasure of looking at a still image with the ephemeral nature of movement.

Field - Running, Syria

Running, Syria. 2008, from Call and Response
Field - Canyon

Canyon. 2006, from Body/Field
Field - Royal Crown Derby

Royal Crown Derby, “Imari”, Herring Cove, Canada. 2001, from Illuminated Petragraphs