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Mark Maestro BFA '94
I've been practicing the clay art medium for years since I was a little child when I was growing up in the Philippines. My work are reflections on the traditional vessels from which I try to contemporized by weaving in narratives, both social and personal.I insist on working with my hands as away of thinking and feeling and responding to the world. Thus, I find attachment to the social reality. I also create from my personal history. This meditative process allows me construct my narratives which are partly autobiographical and involves figurative forms usually work directly with my material without drawings or plans. My creative process is very inituitive.

I am interested in the process of spontaneity that gives me the freedom to shape and reveal the thoughts and emotions that I have in my hands. Perhaps it is conventional notion of craft that I would like to serious to reflect on, one which is rooted in unalienated labour.This gives me a different understanding of making, of conceptualizing.

I would like to see myself as a storyteller through my clay objects, the story always changing and having new interpretations with every new viewer that comes along.


Paglalakbay (Journey), 2007. 60 boats vessels terra cotta installation (on going)


Familia, 2001. 50 objects terra cotta installation


Paglalakbay (sideview detail)