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Marlene Ivey BFA ‘86
After graduating from NSCAD in 1986 I left Canada to spend the next twenty-three years living and working in Scotland. It was a wonderful time, filled with opportunity. Throughout I felt, and continue to feel, a deep sense of value for my NSCAD experience.  

Perhaps unusually, between 1990–1993 I worked with a group of Scottish GPs doing what we now call system and service design. They employed me because they felt the project needed someone who could cope with indeterminate scenarios.  They were an enlightened lot, open to interdisciplinary collaboration and I learned a great deal. That experience left me with a profound sense of commitment and marked the beginning of my search for a deeper dialogue and purpose in my creative practice.  

In the years that followed, my design practice led me to work in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Turkey, Portugal, USA, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malta, and has now returned me to Canada. My interest is in designing for experience, and developing design process to discover ways of involving people in that process as a way of addressing issues of sustainability—cultural, economic and environmental.  Play is an essential element in everything I do. Laughter is prerequisite.

Ivey-CreativekitWebsite  (2006)
Design Concept: Marlene Ivey; Website Design:  Yue Li

Pink Lighthouse (1994) from "Measuring In the Dark"
Design Concept and Execution: Marlene Ivey; Measuring In the Dark Collaborator: Roland Ashcroft

Co-experience Environment model from Theatres for Thinking exhibition, 2007
Design Concept: Marlene Ivey; Collaborators: Prof Tom Inns, Fellow Exhibitor; Gus Colvin, Modelmaker