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Micah Adams BFA '08

My work is about ideas. In opposition to concrete statements, the work can be attributed to thoughts or suggestions and exist as proposals for consideration. Scale is ambiguous within my work; these pieces could exist at any size. That said my preference of scale is that of little things, a world of the minute, of discarded fragments of my day to day experience. In my work I value the quiet personal moments of the day in which I construct small works that simulate a place for wonder and contemplation.

As an artist I am a collector of objects as much as I am a maker of objects. I see myself as an archivist of a world of found objects. Collecting and reassembling objects to create new meaning and new possibilities. My practice engages a playful balance between: humour and formal issues; size and perception of scale; and longevity versus ephemerality; and how these relationships inform value of work.

Micah Adams 2

Super Match, 2009

Micah Adams 3_adj

Untitled Bronze, Less than 1", 2010

Micah Adams

Rudolph Quarter, from ongoing collection, 2008-Present