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Nicole Aline Legault BFA ‘06
Nicole Aline Legault's work revolves around an esoteric world that can equally be as perplexing to the viewer as it is to the artist. Working mainly in ink and occasionally charcoal, Nicole focuses largely on portraiture and animals (especially whales). From time to time, she draws unilluminated in bed and also uses social networking sites to steal handsome photographs of people to draw for her lookidrewyou! series, (an ongoing portrait project). 

She has spent the last two and a half years working closely with Toronto based director Christopher Mills creating images for a handful of his animated music videos and films. Nicole has been recognized for her lookidrewyou! series and her drawings have been published in magazines such as The WalrusUkula and Naked Eye. She is affectionately involved with Palimpsest Magazine, a publication that takes advantage of being unbound to present media traditionally unavailable in magazine format. 

Nicole currently lives and works in Montreal.