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Nicole Jean Hill BFA '00
Photographed along the periphery of communities in rural northern California, my images explore inconspicuous and unspectacular places and things suggestive of regulation, erosion, refuge, and destruction. I have photographed evidence of controlled and uncontrolled wildfires, intentional and unintentional pathways, and the landscaping and cultivation of public and private spaces. Combining documentary images with deliberately staged photographs, I seek to imply a narrative between the orderly efforts of human interaction in the natural environment and its untamable wildness. It is through this ambiguity that I intend to question the nature of nature, and negotiate my own sense of quietness and humility towards the natural world.


Sequoia Park, Eureka, CA, 2009


Elk Head,Trinidad, CA, 2009


Mad River Beach, Arcata, CA, 2009