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Paul Chenard BDes '83
My professional background is that of a graphic designer with more than 25 years experience, but my passion is for the history of automobile racing.

I started collecting vintage toy race cars in the end of the 1980’s and this led to picking items, books and reference material on racing history. After a few years of more collecting and studying all this, I decided to transfer my accumulated knowledge to paper in the form of illustrations and stories. In 2007, I set up a company to market my creations.

Through my motor sports artwork, I’m trying to capture the “feeling” that the spectator has watching the race, their favorite driver in battle or the classic race car at rest. I’m also trying to illustrate the stories that give racing history depth and texture ...

I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my wife, our two sons and a cat.


Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Signal flags have been an integral part of nautical communications for centuries, so they seemed an appropriate icon to use as a mark. Although this logo does not rely on the specific meaning of each flag, it uses their shapes to suggest the letters MMA. 

Client: Province of Nova Scotia

Cancer Care Nova Scotia

I wanted to convey the idea of strength in adversity and, at the same time, make something clearly Nova Scotian. I choose the Mayflower (Nova Scotia’s flower), with its five petals symbolizing the five senses. Four seagulls define the shape of the flower, which is riding confidently on a wave of hope.

Client: Province of Nova Scotia


François Cevert 1944-1973

Portrait of a French racer

François Cevert was a well-liked and rising Formula 1 star whos life was tragically cut short in a qualifying accident. He had the most striking blue eyes that no one forgot, so I focused on that.