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Paul Landon BFA '84

My work reflects upon the spatio-temporal structures of the modern city as they are experienced in everyday life; I explore an unconscious and sporadic approach to looking at urban forms and phenomena. I work in video, photography and installation. I make artworks that use a calculated, serial approach to both their temporal and their spatial form. While the temporal form of my work also comes from explorations of pedestrian activities as they negotiate the city's inherent geometry, both the time and space of my work borrow from the serial logic and the reductive approach of minimalist practices.

It is in terms of the negotiation between the alternative yet similar geometric logics of the city and of minimalism that the figure of the flâneur reappears and takes its form in the final spatial and temporal structures of my installations. With my approach I knit together the urban and minimalist grid systems thereby seeing the figure of the flâneur in relation to minimalism, as existing in the spaces between the lines of the grid.

Paul Landon lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Montréal, Canada where he is a professor at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques of UQÀM.



, 2003. 3 video projectors, 3 colour video programmes, wood, vellum, 340 x 720 x 10 cm.
Installed and exhibited at ESPACE 1004, Montréal, Québec, in May and June 2003.

, 2007. Ink jet photos, paper, cardboard tubes, wood, 6 elements: 125 x 250 x 10 cm each.
Exhibited at Atelierhaus Arlesheim, Basle, Switzerland, February 2007.

Puerto Madero
, 2010. HD video, 4:00 minutes, colour, stereo, NTSC.