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Peter Wünsch BFA ‘89
The role of design has taken on new meaning as we enter a transformative era across the globe. Design now assumes an obligation; an obligation to be part of a world that provides an "unconditional respect for life and conditions that support life." For me it means looking outward vs. inward. Connection as well as introspection. It also means opening up limitless potential for new models of conceptualization.  

Peter Wünsch is Creative Director and founding partner of Breakhouse Inc., a multidisciplinary design consultancy, based in Halifax. Inspired by the belief that “design makes everything better,” Peter oversees the company’s vision and overall design direction using design as an integral problem-solving tool to develop dynamic environments, from businesses to cultural installations to urban communities. Peter is passionate about the role of design in improving the welfare of humanity. This led to creation of Poodle Club, a branch of Breakhouse that provides Halifax with a forum for public discussion about community and design, inspiring people to take action and create positive change in the world. In addition, he and the Breakhouse team are active participants and hosts of design-related public discussions such as PechaKecha Night and 4 Days: Thinking Forward. Peter has lectured at Dalhousie University, NSCAD, and the Richard  Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.