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Raymonde Jodoin BFA '86

I have always liked drawing and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing. When I draw, the outside world fades away… Everything fades away except for the charcoal, paintbrush and black ink travelling on white paper. I travel in this world of black and white imagery, with no destination in mind. The gesture lands on the paper, deciding the next push or pull of travelling ink on the white sea of the paper. In these drawings, there is a delicate, oscillating balance of contrasts: negative and positive space, black and white. For each drawing, each inner journey, I always feel a great sense of satisfaction.  Together, with the ink, charcoal, graphite and glued papers highlight the whiteness of washi. The drawings evoke rather than illustrate, leaving room for the viewers to travel within them, on their own. 

 Raymond Jodoin  Niellure 1, ink on washi, 2006

Raymonde Jodoin lives and works in Montreal, Canada.


Raymond Jodoin  Niellure 17, Ink on washi,  2006


Raymond Jodoin Niellure 14, Ink on washi,  2006