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Rebecca Tudor BFA ‘87

I have been involved in pottery making since 1979. My training initially was in the area of production pottery, but as I experimented more with forms and surface design, I found my interests evolving into an area somewhat removed from function.

While studying in Italy, I was inspired by the environments created in churches, public buildings and even housing by murals, tiles and mosaics. These art forms were used to focus and intensify the experiences that were intended to take place within those buildings. On my return from Europe I decided to devote a large portion of my studio time to tile making.

My work is influenced largely by my natural surroundings. My life in the country, my interest in gardening, and my close proximity to the ocean, has given me a wealth of inspiration to draw from. My work, my life and my surroundings are all extensions of each other. Each depends on the other for expression and definition and the harmony with which they co-exist becomes the backdrop for my work.


Mink Island
, 2008. Ceramic earthenware tile. majolica glaze & stains, 4 x 3'
Photo by Eric Hayes


Shipyard Cove
, 2008. Ceramic tile, majolica glaze and stains, 4 x 3'
Photo by Eric Hayes


Clam Island Rock
, 2008. Ceramic earthenware tile, majolica glaze & stains, 4 x 3'
Photo by Eric Hayes