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Rose Adams BFA '82, MFA '86

My current work is an investigation of brain imagery and memory.  I began this work as Artist-in-Residence at the QEII Memory Clinic during 2004.  From a focus in my paintings on the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, I have moved to an interest in how we now have the capacity to image the brain in many different forms (i.e. PET Scans, MRIs).   These new ways to view our human responses have led to many exciting new developments in the world of medicine and neuroscience.  At the same time, these images have meaning and have taken on almost an iconic resonance in contemporary society.  My work investigates the metaphors that we attach to brain images, and through combining subjective and organic images with medical images, seeks to take what is objective and make our anatomy a subjective experience, exploring the ways that science and art can interact. 

I maintain a studio in Dartmouth, N.S. and teach part-time in the Foundation Division of NSCAD. 


Vanitas,  Oil on canvas and linoleum, 2005

Tulips and Brains, Mixed media on mylar, 2007

Survival, Oil on canvas, 2007