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Scott Everingham BFA '04
Oil paint makes up the structure and life of architecture and the human form within my work. Its materiality is used as a tool to modify notions of familiar perception. I am interested in creating ambiguous and often precarious scenarios that are at once tangible and indeterminate, so that an audience may be immersed in an illusory space. One is left to negotiate juxtapositions of brushwork and three dimensional forms. The formal elements of painting are inherent: colour, composition, and balance; it is the impulsive mark-making that builds and defines a particular scenario and location into a living, breathing moment. Influenced by fiction, film, and spontaneity, my work extends to both the abstract and the representational, where the animate language of paint lends life to what may be experienced as very real and new places.


Just The Thing, 2010. Oil on canvas, 60 x 48"

Everingham - Grey Time

Grey Time, 2010. Oil on canvas, 42 x 36"
Everingham - Seasonal Snap

Seasonal Snap, 2010. Oil on canvas, 60 x 48"