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Shana Salaff BFA ‘98
I make useful ceramic vessels that are designed for aesthetic pleasure as well as utility. Each piece is also part of a conscious process of experimentation and elimination. Although I may begin with the vague idea of a finished product, many changes occur throughout the making process as each piece asserts its own individual needs or predilections. The particular shape, relative softness or surface quality of the wet clay sections that I am working with continually demand a response and tend to derail any too-specific planning.

My work runs the gamut between traditional or historically significant forms and inspirations and a more postmodern pastiche of style, colors, and decorative patterns. I see the items that I make as being useful “jewels”—shiny, small in stature, and made with as much care as possible. I love beauty and elegance as much as quirkiness and playfulness, and my vessels seek to allow the user to share my passions. Decoration versus content, beauty versus pragmatism; these are the dialectics that inform my work. My own struggles to carve out a personal identity as an artist are mirrored in the individual creative struggle encountered while producing each piece.