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Shelley Mitchell BFA ‘96
Shelley Mitchell worked as an architectural draftsman for many years before returning to the NSCAD where she earned her BFA in Painting. Since then she has shown professionally in both group and solo shows in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Maine. Her work is represented in the Canadiana Fund State Art Collection in Ottawa as well as many private and corporate collections in Canada, the US and Germany.

"Art is not always a strictly aesthetic process; it is a means of imposing form on our thoughts and experience so we can recognize what moves us. I render the space and objects around me in a realistic—but not photo-realistic way to give meaning and value to them and as a meditation. I try to express that moment of tranquility or excitement in each painting so that it becomes part of the viewers—experience. The resulting paintings are an imperfect means of sharing my perceptions and sharing the joy.


Portugese Bulls, 36 x 36"
Mitchell - Falling Water

Falling Water, 36 x 36"

Solitude, 48 x 24"