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Stephanie Dean-Moore BFA '97
There is a place, an intimate place, that extends beyond the personal, yet whose boundaries protect one from the public.  It is a place of safety, of hope, of inner exploration.  It communicates to the public yet protects the individual from the harshness of contemporary society.

My work strives to find that place within us all; to create a centre of contemplation and intimacy for both the artist and the viewer.  It attempts to draw one into the spirit and the essence of being an individual, in a world that promotes conformity and the packaging of identities.

While my background and studies at NSCAD were in textiles, over the years I have experimented and explored a variety of media and methods.  In many instances, the ideas and their inspiration dictate what form the individual works need to take.  For this reason, I find it difficult to define myself as an artist, as categories and mediums blurr for me.  Be it bookarts, sculpture, textiles or writing, wood, metal, paper or fabric, each piece has its own voice; my task is to sit quietly and listen so that I can hear what needs to be said.  

Dean-Moore Tailsman

Talisman for A Hopeful Future
, 2008. 2.1 x 3 x 7.5m, Cotton fabric, cotton, rayon and silk threads, linen thread, willow, tea-dyed Japanese paper, velcro.

Dean-Moore BlossomsHeart

Blossoms of the Heart: Talismans for Love
, 2007. 10 x 60 x 15cm, Black walnut wood, silk fabric, silk thread, glass beads,
textile dyes, silver, Japanese paper, wooden dowel.