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Su Rogers BFA '84

Splitting the Tiffany Charity from the exhibition What Chance Allows

Large views of fragments of fishing vessels and baiting tables.
The work concerns documenting and recording fragments of an Atlantic Canadian fishing community on the South Shore and the material culture of the fishing industry which is eroding along with the calamity of the fishery. Making visible that which is easily overlooked.
I am preparing an inventory of functional items, large and small, used in the resource-based industry of the fishery. Combined with this slightly didactic approach, I am exploring an expressive means of painting to heighten the drama of what is being acted out on the oceans.



Baiting table from the vessel:Charity Tiffany (and text panel for exhibition at Karsh Mason, Ottawa) seen at Gunning Cove Gov’t Wharf, 2003. Oil on canvas, 6 x 3' (triptich)


Splitting the Tiffany Charity–
TheBow, 2004. Oil on canvas, 4 x 3'

Splitting the Tiffany Charity–The Stem Post, 2004. Oil on canvas, 4 x 3'

Splitting the Tiffany Charity–The Haulin’ Hole, 2004. Oil on canvas, 4 x 3'


Splitting the Tiffany Charity

Stem Post to Horizon, 2004. Oil on canvas, 5 x 4'
Splitting the Tiffany CharityThe Keel, 2004. Oil on canvas, 4 x 3'
Hope in Hell’