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Suzanne Caines BFA ‘93
My practice incorporates asking personal questions to strangers, sometimes giving them a small sculpture and then videotaping and editing this process.

The works I have produced both critically engage the ritualized nature of social conventions and try to create spaces where those conventions can be temporarily destabilized. I also anticipate that my works will raise many questions around the role of the audience and artist, and the dynamics of insider/outsider. This suggests playing with the gap between expectation and actuality. My work often embraces error and incongruity and there is also the aspect of banal conversations and awkwardness that exists within each piece.


Romance in China
, 2009
In Romance in China I recited love lines from famous western movies while sitting next to strangers in China. I was interested in showing how the geography of the encounter would disrupt the meaning of the encounters. A public space can take on a character of its own. Urban life becomes a highly coded network of territories.

The Encounter
, 2008
The initial, interactive phase of The Encounter took place during the afternoons of four successive days in late October 2008. Wearing a concealed wireless microphone, I asked passersby “Would you describe a location that is special to you?” In return for their reminiscence the participants received a unique cast plaster sculpture, about the size of a hand-held mobile device.

Door Knocking
, 2004
This piece consists of hundreds of tiny brass nails that form the shape of a knocking hand. The door was re-installed on the campus of Chelsea College of Art and Design. This was an extension of my performance work where I was knocking on Strangers Doors.