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Svava Thordis Juliusson BFA ‘97
I am interested in using and manipulating traditional sculpture techniques and various non-traditional sculpture materials to express my concerns and ideas. The studio investigations, tend to oscillate between a curiosity of the methods and materials of object making and the desire to articulate a response to my surroundings and certain events such as the much publicized outbreaks of Bird Flu, Hoof and Mouth, and BSE; which have become illustrative of the beginnings of the 21st century. Among these projects is an installation entitled Pigeon/Dove My Love, which has at its centre an object, which resembles a wing. The wing object alludes to the possibility of transformation—a shadow, an impression of cloud or a suspended land formation.

The wing has become a seminal work in my practice; it and the objects that have followed have been about a mediated alteration of forms that are constructed with materials, originally designed for a specific purpose. Once manipulated, or re-purposed, the material is transformed, with sometimes only a subtle reference to its original function. It is this premise that is at root of my current studio research, and is the impetus for the proposed exhibition. I have been working primarily with materials that are composed of plastic—cable ties and clothing tags.


SVONA, 2008.  Plastic cable ties, 120 x 190 x 45 cm

NERVE CLUSTER (RGYB), 2009. Plastic Cable ties, 25 x 40 x 30 cm

SVONA II, 2009 Plastic cable ties, 160 x 65 x 16 cm