Masthead - line only
Tracey Ripley BFA '93
What inspires me most about making art is working through the puzzle of an involved concept, and then reconciling that concept with the process of it’s physical creation. When I approach a painting or drawing it is always with a firm grasp of the why, the how works itself out as I go along: one part logic, one part magic.

I have had a long love affair with strong vibrant color and bold graphic pattern. I enjoy exploring ideas of iconographic and emblematical motifs and the power of metaphor. The overarching conceptual themes of my work often contain mystical elements, and can be dark, but usually not without a playful or whimsical touch.

Inspired by a recent trip to Italy, and some gorgeous examples of late Byzantine art, I have since decided to experiment with the use of gold leaf in my work. I find the results very satisfying, and believe it will allow me to push the examination of my subject matter to another level.


Protection, 2009. 8 x 10"


Red, 2009. 36 x 48"


The Sinner and the Saint, 2010. 36 x 48"