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Troy David Ouellette BFA ’91
Historically cultures have adapted to real-world problems by transforming the use value of space, objects and materials. The study of this phenomenon has prompted me to involve outdoor installations and stage public events within my practice. Often taking the shape of agricultural structures, juxtaposed with a military vernacular, these urban projects are constructed of cast-off materials from our ubiquitous present—expressing our capacity to reshape weapons into something alternatively productive. In my imaginings nuclear submarines become greenhouses, ramparts transform into broken living walls and encourage the viewer/participant to find an alternate path from a militaristic dispositive, (institution), to an atopic deterritorialization—that is to say a place without political boundaries or borders. Many of the initial drawings and maquettes are propositions that reference the architectural style of 1960s environmental architecture. Maquettes are re-imagined taking on a new roll as quasi-utopian intervention.

Ouellette has his MFA from the University of Windsor, and is currently a PhD candidate at York University. His work has been included in several solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States, and Australia. He serves as member of Audio lodge a sound art collective based in London, Ontario.


Fog Factory, 2007. Motion sensors, fog machines, timers, fabricated trailer, P.E.T. plastic riviets

Stringwave, 2009. Mixed electronics, office supplies and field recording

Audio Lodge (Collective). Downtown, 2009. Composite photograph.