Craig Moore BFA 2000


Craig Moore tried hard to get into NSCAD. Even after being accepted, 10 years after his first attempt, he questioned whether it was for him.

At the time—this was the mid 1990s—NSCAD didn’t have its own film program. Craig, who now runs a web video production company called Spider Video, was wondering if maybe he should go elsewhere. And so, he went to speak with NSCAD professor Bruce Barber.

Craig dressed up for this crucial appointment by donning huge cotton ball sneakers with claws that he made himself in Susan Wood’s Foundation class.

"I just strolled in and sat down," recalls Craig (BFA 2000). "I don’t think he even flinched … it was as if wearing these outlandish monster sneakers was normal."

Dr. Barber told him during that interview he could learn everything he needed to at NSCAD—all the processes, all the techniques—and that he would be supported by the faculty. Dr. Barber’s advice, combined with his nonchalance at the bizarre, look-at-me footwear, enlightened Craig that being different was okay, even better than okay; that NSCAD was the place for kooky, nonconformist, creative students.

"I learned that day, and it’s something I always think back on, that you don’t need a formula to learn," says Craig, whose first degree is from Saint Mary’s University. "That as long as you have the tools, you can do whatever you like."

"I have a lot of pride about going to NSCAD," adds the father of three children. "It has this legacy of independence that encourages its grads to carve their own independent path and take risks."

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