Jaime Williams BFA 2012


Jaime Williams was well on her way to a career in clinical psychology. She had her PhD completed and a job lined up at the University of Saskatchewan when she decided what she really wanted to do is study art at NSCAD University.

There have been no regrets.

"From my first term at NSCAD, I thought, ‘Oh, thank god I did this. This is exactly what I should be doing,’" she says, on the phone from Regina, Sask. "It’s not an easy path but it’s totally been worth it."

She got her first taste of the art college while doing her pre-doctoral residency at the QEII Health Sciences Centre, taking a life drawing class through the School of Extended Studies. "As soon as I realized what was out there, this whole new world opened up for me," she explains. Now she paints every day. She is currently applying for artistic residencies and, in the near future plans to apply for graduate programs in painting.


Through her four years at NSCAD, she’s been impressed with her professors—singling out Sara Hartland Rowe and Suzanne Funnell—and her fellow students.

"The passion of the students at NSCAD is very different—so refreshing! I just haven’t seen that level of commitment and engagement outside of NSCAD."

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