Donate Aeroplan Miles to support the Off Campus Study Program which enables NSCAD students to pursue study away from the university through: Independent Study where students devise individual plans of study within Canada or abroad which can include internships and practicum placements outside of Halifax; or Exchange Study which allows students to continue study at one of more than 70 participating institutions in 13 countries.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Our partnerships with the arts aren’t about charity. They are investments in our communities which strengthen our corporate reputation, inspire our employees and make a lasting cultural contribution to the UK.
—Gavin Neath, Chairman, Unilever UK (Building Creative Partnerships between Business and the Arts, British Council Netherlands, 2005.)

Capitalizing on its location in a thriving creative economy, NSCAD University fosters relationships with partners that support its educational mission.

NSCAD University actively seeks partnerships with individuals, corporations, and foundations that wish to develop unique and engaging collaborations with one of the country's leading visual arts post-secondary institutions.

Generous funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations directly impacts our students' education and future by tangibly demonstrating both the aesthetic and practical value of the arts. These partnerships provide opportunities for students to develop as creative professionals who will generate the ideas, services and products that will shape our future.

The university offers a wide range of naming and recognition opportunities at various partnership levels. We will work to find a flexible option that best fits the needs and vision of your organization. If you recognize the significance of art in business and society, we hope that you will consider exploring the ways in which the university and your organization can forge a creative partnership in support of art, craft, and design education.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities at NSCAD University, please contact Linda Hutchison, Associate Vice-President, University Relations at 902-494-8244 or


The Visiting Artist Program has been a vital component of NSCAD’s history since 1969 and is one of the oldest programs of its kind. Each year, a diverse group of nationally and internationally recognized artists are invited to NSCAD to present their work and ideas to a large audience of students, faculty, and community members. During their stay, artists present a public lecture; join the faculty-led Visiting Artist Seminar to work closely with graduate and advanced undergraduate students; and meet with students for individual critiques.
— $2000, or $12,000 to sponsor a Visiting Artist Series (6 Visiting Artists: Foundation Studies, Fine Arts, Craft, Design, Media Arts, Historical and Critical Studies)


NSCAD University’s Visiting Artists program presents a wide range of inspiring and thought provoking public presentations by renowned national and international contemporary artists, designers, curators and experts from various visual arts fields. Individual studio visits with students are scheduled to follow the public presentations. Visitors are chosen to best reflect the diverse and cross-disciplinary nature of the program; the various approaches that are presented offer indispensable insight and inspiration for the general public and for students at crucial stages in their own artistic development.
— $3000, $18,000 to sponsor a Visiting Artist Series (6 Visiting Artists: Foundation Studies, Fine Arts, Craft, Design, Media Arts, Historical and Critical Studies)


The Artist-in-Residence Program brings leading contemporary artists from Canada and around the world to live and work in Halifax for a period of two months.  The Program encourages experimentation, dialogue and interdisciplinary work across all of the major art disciplines, and seeks to build collaborations, new work, and cultural events that bridge the local, national, and international arts communities.
— $5000


The Exchange and Off Campus Study Program at NSCAD University enables students to pursue study away from the university. Independent Off Campus Study allows students to devise individual plans of study within Canada or abroad while registered for courses listed in the university calendar. Internships and practicum placements outside of Halifax would fall under this category. Exchange Study allows students to continue study at one of 70 of institutions in 13 countries that participates in exchange agreements with NSCAD.
— $2000


Studio-based study results in higher costs for students than a lecture-based university program. For many talented students, the price can be prohibitive. NSCAD values the generosity of its donors who provide assistance to students through annual scholarships and bursaries. Expanding student scholarship and bursary offerings is a priority at NSCAD. With your help, we hope to ensure that all students wishing to pursue a career in the visual arts, regardless of their financial circumstances, can achieve their goals and realize their potential.
Endowed Award: $25,000 / Annual Award: varying amounts


Established by property developer and art collector Louis Reznick and NSCAD University to recognize and promote exceptional students, the award celebrates top talent across 10 visual arts disciplines at the university. The winning artist receives a $5,000 purchase prize, with their piece added to a special section of the permanent collection at NSCAD University known as “The Reznick Family Art Bank.” Nine finalists receive $1,000 each. This premier award provides young artists with vital visibility as they embark on their careers. Proceeds will be applied to the President’s Student Success Fund to equip studio and exhibition spaces with modern technology for teaching and learning. The Starfish Student Art Awards are simply a must see event for everyone interested in the advancement of visual arts in our community.
— $2,500 and $1,250 sponsorship levels.


Artist for a Day is an open public celebration of all that is NSCAD.  In conjunction with the I Love Local (HFX) event and organized by the volunteer Alumni Association, this event is a great opportunity to experience art and participate in making art. Whether it is steamroller printing or drawing or green screening, there is something for everyone at this highly anticipated event. This year’s event will be held at NSCAD’s Port Campus where the activities will take place both indoors and outside.
— $5,000, $2,500, and $1,250 sponsorship levels.



NSCAD's 2016-17 Annual Fund is dedicated to enhancing the student experience at NSCAD through scholarship and bursary support.

We invite you to make a gift to NSCAD's Annual Fund, either by using our online donation option or by downloading the Annual Fund donation form (PDF)

“I cannot wait to be at school this fall and grow, not only as an artist, but as a person as well. Thank you for the gift of opportunity. I will use it to the best of my human ability. This scholarship means the world to me and I will make you proud.” - Graham Ross (BFA 2019)

Lindsay-Jacquard “This award makes a difference for me both financially and emotionally. To be recognized for my accomplishments is a boost to my confidence, as a student and an artist.” - Lindsay Jacquard (BFA 2016)

NSCAD-Scholarship-57“When someone makes the choice to be an artist, it’s not easy. For a lot of people, they incur debts as students and then they graduate and find a job. But as an artist, you still might have to go through a period where you are developing a style and getting a career rolling. We want to recognize that struggle and support artists.” - Doug Pope, president of the Robert Pope Foundation

Brian-Sloan-2“While a student I was asked if I could ‘explain what is going on here.’ I thought for a moment and had no words to explain the range of experience I was receiving through NSCAD. Now, some 20 years later I still have no answer to that question but I do know that NSCAD changed my life. I hope that my little gifts of gratitude help the students of today along their chosen path of studies.” - NSCAD alumnus Brian Sloan (BFA 1993)