Donate Aeroplan Miles to support the Off Campus Study Program which enables NSCAD students to pursue study away from the university through: Independent Study where students devise individual plans of study within Canada or abroad which can include internships and practicum placements outside of Halifax; or Exchange Study which allows students to continue study at one of more than 70 participating institutions in 13 countries.

Types of Gifts

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund provides a means for alumni and friends of NSCAD to support priority needs essential to maintaining the university’s excellence from year to year. Donors can designate their gifts to a specific need—for example, student scholarships and bursaries, the library, galleries, community residency programs, facilities, equipment—or simply designate the “area of greatest need,” which gives the university maximum flexibility. Typically, annual fund gifts are expended in the year in which they are received.


Donations made to the university’s endowment are done so with the understanding that the capital value of the gift (the principal) is invested and a portion of investment earnings is available to fund the educational mission of the university.

Donors may choose to set up endowment funds restricted to a specific purpose, such as student scholarships, bursaries, academic chairs, building refurbishments, library or equipment acquisitions. The original donation is secured and allowed to accrue interest—it is this interest that is dispersed according to the wishes of the donor.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Studio-based study results in higher costs for students than a lecture-based university program. For many talented students, the price can be prohibitive. NSCAD values the generosity of its donors who provide assistance to students through annual scholarships and bursaries. The university awarded $312,000 in financial assistance in 2015 through its scholarship fund (including endowed funds), with more than 90 internal scholarships and bursaries available to students per academic year.

Expanding student awards, scholarship and bursary offerings is a priority at NSCAD. With your help, we hope to ensure that all students wishing to pursue a career in the visual arts, regardless of their financial circumstances, can achieve their goals and realize their potential.

For more information, download: Create an Award - Create an Opportunity: A guide to establishing student scholarships and bursaries at NSCAD University.

Planned Gifts

The Anna Leonowens Legacy Society recognizes and honours friends and members of the NSCAD community who have thoughtfully provided for the University’s future. By including NSCAD in your estate plans, you are ensuring that we will be able to build upon the strength of our faculty, students and alumni, NSCAD’s education programs and remain the premier visual arts university in Canada. To become a member of the Anna Leonowens Legacy Society you need to notify us that your will, trust or life income arrangement provides for NSCAD University. Members will be invited to an annual private event and reception, featuring NSCAD University leaders, students and speakers of note.

NSCAD offers many planned giving opportunities all of which can be tailored to meet your specific financial and estate planning needs. A planned gift can help you achieve your tax and financial goals, as well as your philanthropic goals, and it can help you make a much larger gift than otherwise possible. Please download the NSCAD Planned Giving Guide for additional information.

For more information on making a gift to NSCAD contact:
Linda Hutchison, Associate Vice-President, University Relations, at 902-494-8244
Christopher McFarlane, Stewardship Coordinator, at 902-494-8175

In memoriam: Remembering Joan DeWolfe

The late Joan DeWolfe loved art and loved collecting art—filling her modest Halifax bungalow with colour and creativity.

With nine months to plan for her death, she thought carefully about the legacy she would leave—deciding to support young artists and children in need.

The co-executors of her estate—friends Jeannie Hogan and Judith Rickard—visited NSCAD University and met with past President Dr. Dan O’Brien to hand over cheques adding up to more than $100,000.

Proceeds from the estate, including funds raised at an auction of her art collection, were divided between two main benefactors, NSCAD University and Brigadoon Children’s Camp Society.

“She collected the work of young artists,” said Jeannie. “So she would be delighted to know that she is still facilitating the careers of artists.”

Ms. DeWolfe, a Halifax resident, died May 11, 2012 at the age of 63 after a nine-month battle with cancer. During her career, Joan worked at various investment firms. In her last years, she worked as an executive assistant for Addictions Services at the Nova Scotia Department of Health.

Described as “joyous,” "stylish" and “dynamic” by her friends, she lived her life with passion, surrounding herself with contemporary art and close friends. Those two loves came together on a cold night in January, when her art collection went up for auction at Studio 21 Fine Art Gallery.

Once the estate is settled, the bequest will total more than $200,000. This gift provides endowed funding for graduate scholarships and support for youth to participate in Extended Studies programs.

"Joan’s legacy will have a profound impact, attracting and supporting generations of graduate students to enroll in NSCAD’s Master’s programs, as well as younger artists who may not have the means to explore the world of art,” said Linda Hutchison, Director of University Relations.



Judith Rickard (left) and Jean Hogan (right) posed for a photograph with NSCAD past President Dr. Dan O'Brien.
Judith Rickard (left) and Jean Hogan (right) pose for a photograph with NSCAD President Dr. Dan O'Brien. - See more at:




NSCAD's 2016-17 Annual Fund is dedicated to enhancing the student experience at NSCAD through scholarship and bursary support.

We invite you to make a gift to NSCAD's Annual Fund, either by using our online donation option or by downloading the Annual Fund donation form (PDF)

“I cannot wait to be at school this fall and grow, not only as an artist, but as a person as well. Thank you for the gift of opportunity. I will use it to the best of my human ability. This scholarship means the world to me and I will make you proud.” - Graham Ross (BFA 2019)

Lindsay-Jacquard “This award makes a difference for me both financially and emotionally. To be recognized for my accomplishments is a boost to my confidence, as a student and an artist.” - Lindsay Jacquard (BFA 2016)

NSCAD-Scholarship-57“When someone makes the choice to be an artist, it’s not easy. For a lot of people, they incur debts as students and then they graduate and find a job. But as an artist, you still might have to go through a period where you are developing a style and getting a career rolling. We want to recognize that struggle and support artists.” - Doug Pope, president of the Robert Pope Foundation

Brian-Sloan-2“While a student I was asked if I could ‘explain what is going on here.’ I thought for a moment and had no words to explain the range of experience I was receiving through NSCAD. Now, some 20 years later I still have no answer to that question but I do know that NSCAD changed my life. I hope that my little gifts of gratitude help the students of today along their chosen path of studies.” - NSCAD alumnus Brian Sloan (BFA 1993)