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If Jacob Mailman could have taken a picture and documented his NSCAD University defining moment, it would show him as a first-year student listening intently to the guest lecturer addressing his Intro to Visual Culture class.

“He just kind of blew my mind,” says the soft-spoken Jacob, a 25-year-old native of Bridgewater, N.S.  “I’ll always remember the power of what he was saying … what photography could be.”

The speaker that day five years or so ago, was photographer Gary Wilson, a faculty member in the Division of Media Arts. He’s since become a mentor to Jacob, and the photography department, a true home.

“The people in this place have been an incredible family to me ever since I first walked in here,” says Jacob, a Canon Photography Award winner. He’s perched on a stool in a small storage room, which is stuffed with tripods, lighting kits, film canisters and cameras of all kinds.

Since graduation last year, he has worked as a technician in the photography department and an instructor through the School of Extended Studies. As well, he pursues his own work as an artist; favorite subject matter includes street scenes, fashion and dance. 


 Jacob Mailman self portrait.



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