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Zeke Moores (BFA 2002) was just putting the finishing touches on a new sculpture—a full-sized, nickel-plated portable toilet—when the shortlist for the Sobey Art Award was announced. That sculpture, simply titled Port-o-potty, is now on display as part of Sobey Art Award exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Zeke’s name was among the finalists—putting him among the who’s who in Canada’s contemporary art scene. The Sobey Art Award is Canada’s pre-eminent award for contemporary Canadian artists. The winning artist will be announced on October 13, 2011.

Representing the Atlantic region, Zeke, a Newfoundlander who teaches at the University of Windsor, already feels like a winner. “Wow, it was amazing making the long list and this is even better. I’m so flattered; I’m in such great company.”

Also on the list are: artistic collaborators Daniel Young and Christian Giroux (MFA 1995) for Ontario; Charles Stankievech, West Coast and Yukon; Sarah Anne Johnson, Prairies and the North; and Manon De Pauw, Quebec.

A sculptor, Zeke looks back fondly on his NSCAD days, when he’d hang out in the metal shop next door to the Split Crow, sip coffee and shoot the breeze. At the same time though, he was developing a work ethic and artistic sensibility that informs his work today. He considers sculpture faculty and staff members Thierry Delva and Sandy Graham to be friends and mentors.

“Even though I’m not from Nova Scotia, it feels like a homecoming when I go there because I had such a great time there and met so many good friends. I just love going back.”

As Christian Giroux returned to Halifax to set up for the exhibition, he too was reminiscing.

“NSCAD had an art environment that forced me to be held accountable,” said Christian, associate professor with the School of Fine Art and Music at the University of Guelph. “I really appreciated the level of debate we enjoyed amongst my peers and how enriching that was.”

He added “that being part of a dialogue” and "hanging out with a group of honest, sharp, supportive critics” while doing his MFA is what led to him to form a partnership with another artist, Daniel Young.

“Formalizing a relationship with another artist wasn’t a huge leap … I’ve also valued the debates that Daniel and I got into. Coming up with ideas that have to satisfy two people rather than one is a greater challenge.”

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