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Artist for a Day

Artist for a Day 2017

NSCAD's popular community event, Artist for a Day, will take place on Saturday, May 13, 2017, 10 am to 3 pm, at the Port Campus, 1107 Marginal Rd., Halifax.

For Artist for a Day, NSCAD faculty, student and alumni volunteers lead a wide variety of hands-on art making activities, including life drawing, designing, printing, film making, weaving, dyeing, and much much more. It's a chance to make something through your own creativity.

If you enjoy it and are challenged, you may want to explore becoming a student at NSCAD. NSCAD offers degree programs in Fine Arts, Media Arts, Craft, Design and Art History and Critical Studies, as well as noncredit classes through our School of Extended Studies. Admissions staff will be on site all day.

Participate in Artist for a Day by leading an activity!
The NSCAD Alumni Association and Office of University Relations are seeking proposals for hands-on, participatory art activities for the sixth annual Artist for a Day, taking place Saturday, May 13, 2017 at NSCAD’s Port Campus. This popular event attracts hundreds of people, many of whom are getting their first introduction to NSCAD.

Examples of activities in the past include tie-dyed T-shirts, a group painting made using balloons filled with paint, linocut printing, copper jewellery making, life drawing, and stop motion animation. Your activity may allow participants to take away something they’ve made (Mother’s Day is the day after) or contribute to a larger, group work. Although there is no overall theme for Artist for a Day, 2017 is a special year for NSCAD and Canada as we celebrate our 130th and 150th anniversaries; engaging activities relating to NSCAD’s past, present or future would be relevant.

Through the sponsorship we’ve secured for Artist for a Day, we can cover the cost of art supplies and provide volunteers with lunch and a T-shirt.

Send us your ideas by March 23 along with an estimate of art supplies needs and/or budget to:

Jewelry 2
Fish 2
Fish printing
Letterpress 2
Mural 3
Life Drawing
Life Drawing

Photographs by NSCAD student Erica Flake

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For sponsorship information, contact Marilyn Smulders at 902 494-8248