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May 24, 2017 - June 3, 2017
Anna Leonowens Exhibitions & Openings
Anna Leonowens Gallery
Gallery exhibitions and openings

Anna Leonowens Gallery opens at 7:30pm on Wed 24 May with opening receptions for faculty exhibitor Kim Morgan and visiting artists Liz Ingram and Jay Crocker. Presented in partnership with ICOMOS Canada and OBEY Convention. Everyone is welcome!

May 24 - June 3, 2017
Opening reception: Wed 24 May, 7:30PM
In partnership with ICOMOS Canada

Gallery 1
Blood Work
Kim Morgan, faculty exhibitor

Blood Work is a selection of blood samples magnified 5,000-10,000X using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and then superimposed on cross-sections of blood cells imaged with a transmission electron microscope (TEM), which gives the particular shape to the Plexiglas objects. Because the electron beam does not transmit colour information, electron micrographs are black and white unless colour enhancement has been added using computer technology.

Morgan sees the images as individual and distinctive as the 16 people who contributed blood samples. They’re portraits of the medical students, artists, family, and friends, from diverse backgrounds, ethnic groups, and sexual orientations that contributed to the project, telling of who they are and where they’re from. The samples were collected, prepared, and scanned at Dalhousie University during a HEALS Artist-in Residence Program at the Dalhousie Medical School during 2014-2015.

Gallery 2
Liz Ingram: Site Collaborations
Liz Ingram, visiting artist

The exhibition Liz Ingram: Site Collaborations features prints that were developed through the long-term engagement with a specific location in the boreal forest of Alberta. For over 35 years source material has been generated from this particular place/lake/stream, with water and the human body as ongoing subjects. A substantial number of works involve collaboration with her partner Bernd Hildebrandt.

Ingram offers, “I am attempting to connect the viewer to a sense of our place in/as nature. My work represents an attempt to stimulate a heightened awareness of our inextricable and fundamental oneness with nature, and of the elemental aspect of water to all life forms.”

Liz Ingram was born in Argentina and grew up in New Delhi, Mumbai and Toronto. For over forty years she taught at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and is currently Distinguished University Professor Emerita of printmaking and drawing/intermedia. Her artworks have been exhibited in numerous solo and duo exhibitions, and over 300 group exhibitions in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. She has participated in juried International Biennials and Triennials for many years and has received awards for her prints at juried exhibitions in Canada, Slovenia (Yugoslavia), Poland, Korea, Brazil, Estonia, India and Finland. In 2016 she was appointed to the Order of Canada. She has been visiting artist at universities in North America and overseas including the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, the Musashino Art University in Tokyo and the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany.

Gallery 3
Jay Crocker, visiting artist
In partnership with OBEY Convention

The BIBELOT is an instrument and installation piece. It functions as an orchestra of 16 amplified, synthesized and motorized units that hang overhead from a custom built conduit truss system. Each unit is outfitted with a music box, score (paper loops), drive system, and amplification system.

The BIBELOT creates music that mimics life on a moment-to moment time lapse. The unsynchronized behaviours and sounds of the 16 cells blend into a sonic whole and achieve synchronicity. The way this machine both achieves synchronicity and is continuously changing reflects a natural environment in which different melodies interact and in their interactions create their environment. Like the different beings dwelling within nature or a city, the interactions between these changing memory-sounds make up the overall sonic world.

In different moments, single music boxes will take the piece’s focus and stand alone, in other moments all sounds will overlap each other to the point of no differentiation. The BIBELOT is a sanctuary space of infinitely changing movement, sound, and light."

Jay Crocker is an artist, composer, producer, arranger, instrument builder, multi-instrumentalist, and musical explorer residing on the south shore of Nova Scotia. Originally from Calgary, Crocker has performed and recorded with countless artists including Buffy Saint Marie, Calexico, Ghostkeeper, NoMoreShapes, Jon McKiel, Chad Van Gaalen, and many more. He has been awarded recording
and composition grants from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Music Nova Scotia, Canada
Council for the Arts, and Nova Scotia Heritage and Tourism. His work has been nominated for
an APCMA (Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards) and long-listed for the Polaris Music
Prize. Crocker's work pushes through boundaries to create beautiful and stimulating
sonic structures that defy convention.

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