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July 13, 2017
Artist Talk - Helah Cooper, undergraduate
Anna Leonowens Gallery
Artists' Talks and Presentations

Undergraduate exhibitor Helah Cooper will discuss their exhibition in Gallery 3 at 12 Noon on Thurs 13 July. Everyone is welcome!

Gallery 3
Helah Cooper, undergraduate exhibitor

With a focus on textiles, sculpture, collaboration and performance, Helah Cooper’s Interdisciplinary installation engages the viewer in a game-like structure with multiple potential arrangements. Objects within the installation can be re-organized by performers to create an imagined, non-linear narrative. In this work Cooper aims to encourage new pathways for communication and a sense of queer absurdity: hybridized objects such as hand-made tools, home décor, pompoms, theatre props and slippers suggest specific functions but are ultimately useless.

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