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October 13, 2017
Sabbatical talk - Karin Cope
Art Bar +Projects
Artists' Talks and Presentations

Prof. Karin Cope will present "Field Notes North and South." Friday, Oct. 13, 12 noon at Art Bar +Projects. In "Field Notes North and South," Professor Karin Cope will discuss sabbatical research conducted by boat in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and along the BC coast to Haida Gwaii.  Both trips were part of a NS Arts grant entitled "Drawing the Sea to Catch the Fish": Netting Hidden Histories, a visual and verbal documentary poetry project.  Cope will discuss the process of encountering and sifting diverse documentary materials, including ships' logs, letters, historical documents, photos and video stills to create a work of poetry that contends with ways the sea both connects and divides us, linking and severing people and cultures from each other, north from south, producers from consumers, and Nova Scotia from the Pacific coasts of Mexico and Central America.  The project makes use of parallels between Cope and her partner, Marike Finlay's, own journeys and collections, and the journey narratives and the collections made by John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts’ trips into the Sea of Cortez and along the BC coast in the 1940s, as well as notes and images from journeys undertaken by other researchers, adventurers, explorers and regional inhabitants, both indigenous and settler.

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