Gallery Opportunities

Anna Leonowens Gallery Opportunities

Anna Leonowens Gallery Offers 2 Internships for the WINTER of 2016

Expressions of interest for either internship should be made to Melanie Colosimo at the Anna Leonowens Gallery: /phone 494 8184

Application Deadline: November 6th, 2015

Graduation Exhibition Internship ARTS 3400 Internship: Anna Leonowens Gallery 6 credits (S) 16 hours a week

One student Intern will be responsible for organizing the Graduation 2016 Graduation Exhibition as hosted by the Anna Leonowens Gallery. This internship will include preparatory administrative work plus overseeing the design, installation and dismantling of the exhibition during graduation week. 

Graduation Design Practicum DSGN 4036 Practicum in Design 6 credits (S) 20 hours a week

The second intern will design and publish a catalogue of works by the NSCAD 2016 graduates. Working with a budget that will generate a 160 page colour document, this intern will be responsible for the design criteria, gathering images and texts, designing the publication as well as support posters and graphics for the Graduation 2016 exhibition.

Both the Graduation Exhibition intern and the Graduation Design intern will work closely with Gallery staff while acting as liaisons with the Graduation Committee, the Registrar’s Office and University Relations. The preferred interns should be senior students but it is not necessary that they are graduating in Winter 2016.

Of the 20 hours a week required for each internship, two 6-hour shifts will be mandatory at the Gallery, assisting with weekly administrative and technical gallery operations. Through this hands-on experience, both interns will become informed of the various practices embedded within the gallery’s mission. The remaining 8 hours of the week will be devoted to independent research and preparation work required for the production of the exhibition and/or publication of the catalogue.

Strong organizational and communication skills are a must for these internships. Knowledge of art care and handling is also helpful. A proposal and a one-page summative resume with 2 names of NSCAD faculty/staff references is also required since the selection of intern candidates could be competitive.

Expressions of interest for either internship or practicum should be made to Melanie Colosimo at the Anna Leonowens Gallery /phone 494 8184

Deadline date for all applications is November 6th, 2015.
Submit completed applications to: Melanie Colosimo, Director
Mailing address: Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University, Halifax Nova Scotia B3J 3J6
Or Drop off applications to:
Anna Leonowens Gallery, 1891 Granville Street, Halifax NS