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2016 Recipients


Sydney McKenna
Grand Prize Winner
BFA 2016 - Printmaking

, 2015. Relief print, 116.84 x 81.28 cm.

Representing the printmaking category, Sydney McKenna, from Kamloops, BC was recognized for her relief print entitled Play. Printed in black ink from a hand-carved matrix, the work is dense, complicated, and ambitious. Members of the jury were drawn in by the work, calling it “neo-romantic” and “radiating,” intrigued by its “seeming pattern,” which on closer inspection is not a pattern at all, but serves to lure in the viewer ever closer to discover buried imagery—a bear, a salmon, a glove, a jungle gym frame.

Sydney McKenna received the $5,000 purchase price for her artwork, which is now a part of NSCAD University’s permanent collection. Each of the finalists— Laura Admussen, Kate Grey, Jordan Baraniecki, Nathalie Maiello, Philip Nuttall, Maeghan Banks, Katarina Marinic, Yalitsa Riden and Marc Knowles—received a $1,000 cash prize. The printmaking department also received $1,000.

2015 Recipients



Raghed Charabaty
Grand Prize Winner
BFA 2016 - Film
Alia, 2014. Film, 5:32 min.

Alia, is named for a girl who is frequently evoked in Lebanese folk songs–a girl who has lost her life due to war but who has come to represent peace, cultural loss and yearning. Her loss is felt keenly by Raghed’s parents’ generation, who lived through the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990).

Nine Starfish finalists were also recognized at the gala and each took home a $1,000 award. They are: Alysse Bowd (MFA 2016 – Ceramics); Aurelie Guillaume (BFA 2015 – Jewellery and Metalsmithing); Angela Henderson (BFA 2016 – Intermedia); Connie Higgs (BFA 2015 – Textiles); Patricia Hondzel (BFA 2015 – Printmaking); Hunter Lewis Lake (BFA 2015 – Drawing); Evan Rensch (MFA 2015 – Photography); Liz Toohey-Wiese (MFA 2015 – Painting); Couzyb van Heuvelen (MFA 2015 – Sculpture).

2014 Recipients



Beck Gilmer-Osborne
Grand Prize Winner
BFA 2014 - Intermedia
Tuck, 2013. Video and plastic artifact, dimensions variable.

Beck's piece TUCK consists of video documentation and sculpture as ephemera from a performance in which they wear a chest binder constructed of plastic, fill it with milk, and drink all of the contents . The video remarks on the artist's identity as a "non-binary trans" individual subverting concepts of "transition narratives."  "It's been four long years at NSCAD and now everything is moving quickly," says Beck, 22, from Bobcaygeon, Ont. "It's exciting to keep making work and potentially applying for grad school in a year."

Nine Starfish finalists were also recognized at the gala and each took home a $1,000 award. They are: Conor Fagan (MFA 2014 – Painting); Lee Roth (BFA 2014 – Sculpture); Josianne Desrochers (BFA 2014 – Ceramics); Hesameddin Hanafialamdari (BFA 2016 – Film); Jack Wong (BFA 2014 – Drawing); Elyse Moir and Merle Harley (BFA 2014 – Printmaking); Semina Baek (BFA 2014 – Jewellery and Metalsmithing); Kristy Depper (BFA 2013 – Photography); Jim Li (BFA 2014 – Textiles).

2013 Recipients


Torrance Beamish
Grand Prize Winner
BFA 2013 - Ceramics
Protosanctum, 2013. Ceramic/installation, variable, individual pieces 30.5-38.1 cm tall.

The ceramics major claims the top prize at the Starfish Gala for Protosanctum, a series of lidded ceramic urns.  The 10 pieces, cast in slip earthenware and assembled from a series of plaster moulds, are inspired by the language and symbolism of ceremonial objects.

Nine Starfish finalists were also recognized at the gala and each took home a $1,000 award. They are: Teto Elsiddique (BFA 2013 – Painting); Duncan Ferguson (BFA 2013 – Sculpture); Dylan Fish (BFA 2013 – Intermedia); Tori Fleming (BFA 2013 – Film); Carrie Allison-Goodfellow (BFA 2013 – Drawing); Merle Harley (BFA 2014 – Printmaking); Danielle-Marie Nowlan (BFA 2013 – Jewellery and Metalsmithing); Mary Ellen Oxby (BFA 2013 – Photography); Stacy TeBogt (BFA 2014 – Textiles).

2012 Recipients


José Andrés Mora
Grand Prize Winner

BFA 2012 - Intermedia
Still from Interlocution, 2012, video, projection, installation.

For Interlocution, Mr. Mora interviewed his friends and then dubbed their voices with his own. The 11-minute video is installed as a wall projection in front of a couch for viewers to sit on.

Nine Starfish finalists were also recognized at the gala and each took home a $1,000 award. They are: Jolie Bird (MFA 2013 - Textiles); Philip Delise (MFA 2012 - Painting); Tanya Doody (MFA 2012 - Ceramics); Raluca Iancu (BFA 2012 - Printmaking); Harold Klee (BFA 2014 - Photography); K. Claire MacDonald (BFA 2012 - Jewellery and Metalsmithing); Helen Teager (MFA 2012 - Sculpture); Laurence Doyon-Thibeault (BDes 2012 - Drawing); Justin Tomchuk (BFA 2012 - Film).

2011 Recipients

Rob Bear production still  

Rob P. Blair
Grand Prize Winner
MFA in Fine and Media Arts 2011
Avenues, 2011
Production still
16 mm film, 25 minutes

Rob P. Blair’s winning piece, a short documentary film entitled The Avenues, takes a close look at the despair and frustration, the hope and pride in achievement as it is worked out by a neighbourhood.

Two runner-up prizes of $1,000 each were awarded to Ambera Wellmann (BFA 2011) for her Untitled painting and Eliot Wright (BFA 2011) for his photographic work, Absence/PresenceAlexander Forbes (BFA 2011) was the People's Choice winner for his drawing Blues and Ribs.

Other finalists were: Ted Higney (BFA 2011 - sculpture); Heath Simpson (BFA 2012 - printmaking); Amanda Memme (BFA 2011 - jewellery and metalsmithing); Alissa Kloet (BFA 2011 - textiles/fashion); Veronika Horlik (BFA 2011 - ceramics); Clair Hipditch (BFA 2011 - intermedia).

2010 Recipients

Amélie Proulx
Grand Prize Winner 

MFA in Fine and Media Arts 2010
Ébauche d’un nuage de pluie, 2010
Lexan board, porcelain, glaze, polyester thread, solenoïds, circuit boards, microcontroller, piezo microphone, amplifier, speaker, 45" x 10" x 24"

Two runner-up prizes were awarded to Zoltan Ric (BFA 2010) for his lithograph, December 16, 2009 and Jessica Hein (BFA 2010) for her drawing, Untitled (World).

Other finalists were: Zimra Beiner (BFA 2009 - ceramics); Chloé Gordon (BFA 2010 - textiles/fashion); Amélie Jérôme (BFA 2010 - painting); sol Legault (BFA 2010 - photography); Noah Logan (BFA 2010 - sculpture); Amanda Memme (BFA 2011 - jewellery and metalsmithing).

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