NSCAD Archives - Oral History Project

As a way of offering a different form of access into the archival collection, we are doing a series of short oral history interviews with staff and faculty about their recollection of or participation in various events that have helped shape the school. Our hope is that the oral histories will serve as a kind of introduction, piquing people's curiosity in the history of NSCAD and directing them towards more traditional historical resources.

In addition to acting as an initial introduction to the NSCAD Archive, the intent of this portion of the project is to access parts of the institutional memory that exist only in the memories of faculty and staff.

Have a story to share?
We’d like to hear from you if you're interested in participating by sharing a story about your time here at NSCAD. Please contact the Library Visual Resources Collection.

Digital Scrapbooks in the NSCAD Online Repository

For the past year, the NSCAD library has been working on building an online repository for digital collections. Currently, the most impressive digital collection in the repository features three scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and other memorabilia from NSCAD's history spanning the time period between 1921 and 1964.

The repository also features items of importance to the history of NSCAD, including four digitized  books authored by past principal Elizabeth Styring Nutt, and an audio archive of sound art, symposiums and lectures.

Digitization of the scrapbooks, and the Visual Resources Collection extensive analog audio collection, was started as a student project in the summer of 2011. Our current focus is continuing to upload items to the digital audio collection.

We anticipate that this site will eventually be used as the institutional repository for student theses as well as images of graduate work.

You can visit the NSCAD Institutional Repository at

NSCAD Archives Inventory Project

This summer we have started the very important and exciting project of creating an inventory of archival material throughout the university. By locating, identifying, and describing our collections, the archives inventory project will be the first step in making our archive collection more accessible to researchers. It will also provide NSCAD staff with precise documentation of what is contained within our archives and where it is located within the university. The long-term goal of the NSCAD Archives Inventory Project is to amalgamate all institutional archival records in a permanent location.

The inventory project is being conducted by NSCAD student Andrew Rabynuik over the course of the summer, under the direction of the acting Visual Resources Librarian, Hillary Webb. To make this project possible, funding was provided by Young Canada Works through the Canadian Council of Archives.

How can you help?
We’d like to hear from you if you believe you have material that would be considered important to documenting the history of NSCAD, especially prior to 1995. At the moment, we’re not able to take donations, but could digitize items of interest or may contact you in the future about donating items to the NSCAD Archives.

If you think you can help, please contact the Library Visual Resources Collection.
Rebecca Young
Visual Resources Librarian
(902) 444-7212