Tri-Council Funded Research Projects
NSCAD University acknowledges the generosity of the Tri-Council Funding Agencies (SSHRC, CIHR and NSERC) in supporting research excellence, research training and knowledge mobilization in art, craft and design.
 Title of Project
 NSCAD Faculty Member/s
Design for Healthy Aging (CIHR)
 Gary Markle and Glen Hougan
CINEFLUX: A Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Emerging Cinema and Media Art (SSHRC)
 CINEFLUX: Dr. Bruce Barber, Robert Bean, David Clark, Sam Fisher, Kim Morgan, Solomon Nagler, Ilan Sandler, Dr. Darrell Varga
Neo-Craft: An International Conference on the Crafts (SSHRC)
 Dr. Sandra Alfoldy
Architectural Craft in Post-War Canada (SSHRC)
 Dr. Sandra Alfoldy
From Domestic to Epic: Twentieth Century Canadian Craft, Design and Industry (SSHRC)
 Dr. Sandra Alfoldy
Naked Craft Network: Connecting Craft in Old Scotland and New Scotland (SSHRC)
 Dr. Sandra Alfoldy
Popular Craft: The Impact of Popular Culture on Professional Studio Craft in North America (SSHRC)
 Dr. Sandra Alfoldy
Sow to Sew: Reimagining the Relationship between Textiles, Fashion and Agriculture in Nova Scotia (SSHRC)
 Robin Muller
Perceptual Cognitive Processes in Drawing from Observations (SSHRC)
 Mathew Reichertz and Dr. Raymond Klein
Tracing the City: Interventions of Art in Public Space (SSHRC)
 Solomon Nagler with Kim Morgan and Martha Radice
Towards Explosion 2017: Perspectives on the Centenary of the Halifax Explosion (SSHRC)
 Barbara Lounder with Robert Bean and Mary Elizabeth Luka
Patterns of Looking when Drawing from Observation: Implications in Training (SSHRC)
 Bryan Maycock and Dr. Raymond Klein
NEW Technologies- Collaborative Learning: The 2011 NSCAD Summer Institute (SSHRC)
 Sharon Blanchard
Obsolescence and the Culture of Human Invention (SSHRC)
 Robert Bean with Ilan Sandler
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