David Cullen


David Cullen is a self-employed artist and the sole proprietor of Quinline Graphics. David Cullen was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and studied at Halifax's Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD). During this time, he pursued work at Marvel and DC Comics in New York. His career as a self-employed artist began with a drawing assignment from Marvel Comics editor, Craig Anderson. The resulting product saw print in Marvel's 'What If ...?' V2 and was his first mass-published, professional work.

While continuing with Marvel, David began finding storyboard work in Halifax's film industry. His work as a storyboard artist has been widely utilised in television commercials, feature films, TV movies, children's TV animation and live-action production, as well as in comics and cartoons for periodicals. Quinline Graphics has produced work for a broad range of clients across North America, including Dreamworks SKG, CBC, Global, and Teletoon, among others. His comic book and cartoon work have been commissioned by Marvel Comics, Caliber Press, The Coast and Bogdanove Studio (for DC Comics' 'Superman: The Man of Steel'). He has also contributed to numerous independent comics publications.

David Cullen usually works from his home studio in Halifax and has regularly taught graphic novel and drawing workshops at schools and recreation centres. He looks forward to returning to NSCAD for his next term teaching Comics & Visual Storytelling.
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