Elyse Moir


Elyse Moir is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Elyse takes on any influences the world throws her way, chews them up and spits them back out as darkly humorous and dystopian slime in the form of weirdo comics, soft sculpture, hand made prints, illustrations and experimental sound. Elyse has exhibited her print works in Canada, Australia and the USA. She also has been involved in yearly community events like Nocturne and Artist for the Day where she has co-ordinated public activities for youth and adults such as bicycle printmaking, screen printing and zine workshops. Working as an instructor for NSCAD's Extended Studies Department since 2014 has allowed Elyse to pursue her passion to help youth explore their creative sides through visual storytelling and self expression. In previous years, she has taught courses on printmaking, mixed media, illustration and comics. In her spare time, Elyse can be found riding her bike, gardening and petting dogs who don't belong to her.