Kay Stanfield


Kay Stanfield  ( B.F.A., NSCAD;  B.Ed., Dalhousie;  B.A. Mount Allison) has been teaching for NSCAD extended studies for over 25 years -  mainly watercolour classes. She loves the immediacy of the medium as well as the quality of light and being a papermaker the actual surface is of particular interest.

Her home studio is equipped for papermaking and encaustic painting and her summer studio by the ocean is dedicated to playing with watercolour but nothing stays that separated- the ideas and discoveries weave back and forth.

Her works focus on colour, texture and seek to make visual those forces we can and cannot control in the context of constant change . Each series of works, after being exhibited, becomes raw material for the next generation of works and the next.

Stanfield's works can be seen at Secord Gallery and Teichert Gallery.

Kay Stanfield work