Kevin King


Kevin King is a Toronto-based type designer and calligrapher. He divides his 8me between creating typefaces for Canada Type and working as a designer/typographer at the renowned Coach House Press. He also conducts workshops on lettering and calligraphy.

While still a student at Humber College Kevin attracted the attention of his type teacher, Patrick Griffin of Canada Type, and it wasn’t long before he was working part-time learning how to design typefaces. Eager to learn how books are made Kevin then took a part-time job at Coach House Press and was soon immersed in the world of fine book typography with Stan Bevington, the renowned book designer and typographer.

To further explore the roots of the visual form and construction of the alphabet, and to open up more creative opportunities in his type design, Kevin began taking lessons from the master calligrapher Susan Shand, who he still continues to study under. She not only taught him the basic techniques of calligraphy, but also the underlying theories and principles of the art, giving him a strong foundation in which he could further explore the deep roots of calligraphy and hand lettering.

An accomplished type designer and calligrapher, Kevin brings a depth of knowledge and real hands-on experience to his workshops. His love of craft is infectious and make his workshops an exciting learning experience.