Krissi MacKenzie


Krissi MacKenzie is a ceramic artist who is heavily influenced by the history of art. Krissi is a graduate of NSCAD University, and was the 2012 resident for the NSCAD/ New Glasgow Community Residency Programme. Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, she was surrounded by craft. Krissi's body of work consists manly of functional tableware, with a strong focus on surface design. Hand building pottery results in unique surface textures that she uses to her advantage when applying glaze. Inspiration for the glaze comes from historical ceramics and folklore. As an artist she believes that many objects are misunderstood as commonplace, but  believes the process taken to become an object is most complex and beautiful. Each object has an origin story, and it is that story she finds most inspiring. The personal attachment to an object is an amazing thing and is what she strives for during her artistic practice.